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What is Call of Duty Mobile game?

Giving the fact that almost every player owns a mobile device COD has come to mobile devices with a real hit, Call of Duty Mobile. The main producer, Activision has done an incredible job and Cod Mobile had 100 Million Downloads in the first week. This means it is the first mobile game to hit that number in the first week. It broke the previous record set by Mario Kart Tour according to Sensor Tower.

I don’t think there is a single FPS player that has not heard about Call of Duty. For more than 15 years COD has brought us incredible shooting experience on every platform. The last addition hopes to bring the success to mobile devices. Will it succeed? Let’s see.


Call of Duty Mobile Free Battle Pass

Battle Pass means that you are playing a Battle Royale mode. It seems that Call of Duty: Mobile is the best BR game available for mobile devices. What does Fortnite says about that? This mode is huge, imagine you can play against 100 other players from your phone! Like any BR mode you can play it solo or in teams and you will be dropped from above. But this is not all, you get to drive vehicles! You can choose from four different ones: Helicopter, SUV, ATV and a fast boat.

Various maps are available, from classic ones that were famous in old COD games to completely new ones. Each map is big enough for you to adopt different tactics and have different approaches. The best part comes at the end, zombies are present in Call of Duty Mobile. You can add zombie bots while playing online against other players.


What are COD Points and how to use them?

In COD Mobile you won’t find a singleplayer mode, everything is played online and the game is free to play. Microtransactions are present but are not annoying like we saw in other games. A hard-working player can easily unlock items just by playing. But you can anytime upgrade your game by buying premium or elite pass. You can also buy points, which are the game main currency, and change them for different items. Credits are also present but they can easily be won during matches. Let’s see below what are the main in App Purchases:

• COD Points - Extra Small Pack$1.49

• COD Points - Medium Pack$7.99

• COD Points - Large Pack$14.99

• COD Points - Hardcore Pack$38.99

• COD Points - Epic Pack$79.99

• COD Points - Prestige Pack$159.99

As we can see the price for a good pack of points is 159.99$ which is very expensive for most of the players. With these points you can buy and upgrade a vast range of weapons. After you reach the 7th level you will unlock the Battle Royale mode and all those upgrades will be visible during matches. This is where you see the difference between paying and non-paying players. Which one are you?


Call of Duty Mobile Generator

If you are on the first category and do not want to pay or you can’t afford to pay, a solution is available. Call of Duty Mobile Generator can add unlimited quantities of points to your game in just a few moments. Such a tool was requested by all the CoD Mobile community and it is now a fact. COD Mobile Points Generator is available for use on Android and iOS. You can also use it while on your PC, but it is better to do it from a mobile device. This is a fan made tools and it perfectly understands what a player needs. It is fast because the whole process it won’t take more than 5 minutes maximum. It is safe because it uses proxy to connect and add points. It is anti-ban because it uses a script that can not be detected and simulates a real transaction. It is user friendly – the main interface is simplified so any user can use it without problems. It is online - this means that no download is required, you can make all the changes directly from your browser.

How to get free COD Points?

Now that you what the generator can do let’s see how to use it. At the bottom of the page you have a video tutorial. If from some reason you can’t understand it or you can’t play it let’s see the steps:

On top of the page you see a black field called Username, this is where you write your game username. This is required so the generator can know where to insert the free points and credits. Next you select your device model so the generator to know what script to use. Click on next and the credits page will appear. Here you need to chose the amount of credits that you want to add. Select one of the four options. Click next and the points page will appear. Chose how many free COD points you want to add. Click next and wait. The whole process should not take more than three minutes. This can vary according to your internet connection. Beware do not close the page, be patient. When the process will finish a confirmation message will pop up. This is the moment when you can open the game and check your balance.

Is there a Free COD Points Glitch available?

Well a free Call of Duty Mobile hack does not exist. All the apps that require download and install are not true. There were a few Call of Duty Mobile glitches available where you could add free cod points and free cod credits to your game. This were working in the first three days of the launch, meanwhile Activision has patched these and you won’t make them work. The only solution for someone that seeks to find a Call of Duty Mobile cheat is to use a generator. These are the only working solutions.

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